Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Introduction To Pastels
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Michael Wright

ONCE YOU HAVE BOUGHT the basics - a set of pastels and some sketchpads is all you really need to get started - you may want to set up a studio arrangement in your home. Choose a light corner near a window and try to avoid direct sunlight as this will cast strong shadows in the room. You can buy daylight bulbs which allow you to work in the evening in a light tht does not alter the appearance of your colors. If you work quite vigorously u should keep the window open to minimize the amount of pastel dust u inhale.

Choosing a work surface
You will need a hard surface to work on. The advantage of an easel is that it allows you to angle the pastel work so that the surplus dust falls away without sullying the purity of the colors. Choose one that is strong enough to hold a large drawing board but light enough to be carried and folded with ease.

Keeping things clean
It is good idea to keep some tissues for cleaning your hands btween colors or even for cleaning the pastels. Pastel dust is very fine and can settle over a wide area of the room, so lay down a dust sheet before you start.

Storing your paintings
The best way to store your work is to attach a sheet of tracing paper over it and place it in a portfolio or a plan chest. Never roll a pastel work as the tension will cause serious loss of pastel from the paper surface.

here are some of my works (for tonight);
:: grandpa
:: portrait study

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