Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hey, it's true ! I'm posting !! LOL

okay here , I want to share about Cosmetics or "Make-up"

Cosmetics are substances used to enhance the appearance or odor of the human body. Cosmetics include skin-care creams, lotionspowdersperfumes,lipsticks, fingernail and toe nail polisheye and facial makeup, towelettes, permanent waves, colored contact lenseshair colors, hair sprays and gels,deodorants, hand sanitizer, baby products, bath oils, bubble bathsbath saltsbutters and many other types of products. A subset of cosmetics is called "make-up," which refers primarily to colored products intended to alter the user’s appearance. Many manufacturers distinguish between decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics. The word cosmetics derives from the Greek κοσμητική τέχνη (kosmetikē tekhnē), meaning "technique of dress and ornament", from κοσμητικός (kosmētikos), "skilled in ordering or arranging" and that from κόσμος (kosmos), meaning amongst others "order" and "ornament"

Sense&Style :: Bipolar Love
model :: Stephenaz
one of the photos of a model after make-up *in a competition. This was taken in June , and I love it I'll get some more soon.

*check out this link , it's awesome interesting ,about make-up. see ya, enjoy :)

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