Monday, October 10, 2011

Beber It's YOU ,

this was the very bad day I started from the morning I lost my file,all the documents was there ,my assgnment paper,the questions and all also my resume,you know I was really upset I never  thought they're will be missing.also my manual.two of them -operating system-and-software engineering.while the final just around the corner

/*with my girlfriend,mya.I was like"oh my godd.i really want to cry" damn.i don know what to,that day I met my crush ! the only crush that I have in the college.I called him Beber.omaigodd ! I was like.errrghhh ! I felt so and so err i don know he didnt even looking at me at all.gerammm...

suddennnnn..what did I doo ??? omaigodddd.....I walk up on stage.omaigod ! for the first it ?? yeahh of coursee it first time doing performance.damnn itt ! without any preparation !! plusss,,its been long time I didn play my guitarrr !! damnnn !!!!! BEBER,,YOU know the performance is for YOU !! DAMN but,,you didn even looking at me.dammmnnn ! so damnnnn.errrr !!! 

but ! hows the performance ?? I don know. just watch by yourself !!
seriously I think I love you 
my Beber.Its been a year didn have feeling like this 

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