Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Part X

Hey it's my offday , sudden my phone ringing,
it's my old classmate ,asking for hang out, have some fun..
there's four of us ,
since a new mall just opened then we decided to go there 
KL Festival City

aireena, she's so kind to me, i just like her :')

here we are , that's my teeth !! aha i really love it ehe, it's not easy to having teeth like that :B

my classmate since I was in standard 1 i think , aha
she's anis and i love her :-)

here we are , having lunch at Ayam Penyet Restaurant :-)

what's the point ? aha actually we just wanted to test our camera ,

Karaoke for 3hours , aha

then , we went to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa :-)

my look
top : black pashmina, long-sleeve shirt basic(black)
bottom : unbranded long pants(black) i got it from Times Square, KL only for (MYR)15
*thank you for reading  xx

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